Democratic Centralism


Appendix: Points from programme of USP

1. As a transitional step to solve the Tamil national question, we demand the re-starting of the peace talks on the Interim Self-Governing Authority (ISGA). We also defend the rights of the Eastern Muslim people to rule their areas as autonomous rule and we defend the Tamil-speaking people’s homeland and Right to self-determination.

2. We fight against all the conditions put forward by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organisation, through their local agents, the UNP and UPFA. Through their globalisation process, the imperialists are destroying the Sri Lankan economic and political system.

3. All students should have the right to free education from grade one to university level. We also defend all other major welfare rights including health and the subsidy system for all low income families.

4. All youth above the age of 18 should be provided with a proper job. The 8 hour working day should be established for all workers and salaries sufficient to look after their families. There should be no wage and other discrimination against female workers. Workers should be able to participate in the benefits of modern technology presently available only for upper class people.

5. We demand the cancellation of all temporary, and contract system arrangements for workers and

all jobs to be permanent. All workers should have the right to organise in trade unions including those who work in the Free Trade Zones. By law employers should be compelled to accept trade unions in their factories.

6. To have modern development it is necessary to re-organise the rural economy. For that we should end all the imperialist pressures and conditions imposed on poor farmers and solve their land and water problems.

7. We demand the abolition of the dictatorial presidential system and the establishment of a new

constitution through a democratic council of workers, poor peasants and Tamil-speaking people. Through that process only we can look after the oppressed people such as women, poor children and disabled people.

8. We call for the nationalisation of all media facilities so that the media can be free from capitalist pressures and people would be able to express and receive information and opinions freely.

9. Through the capitalist so-called developments there is a big environmental destruction taking place. The only way to save the natural environment like the forests and rivers and is to change the capitalist system of making money at any cost.

10. All national undertakings like health, education, water, energy and power, railways. public roads, banks, insurance, ports, airports, plantations, post and telecommunications should be nationalised and controlled by democratic workers’ councils.

These are the main slogans:

Defeat both the reactionary UNP and the SLFP/JVP communal coalition and fight to build the socialist society.

Defeat the capitalist globalisation programme of the UNP and UPFA.

No to the JVP's coalition politics with the capitalist SLFP.

Stop the war forever by solving the Tamils’ national question on the basis of the right to self determination.