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Marxists and the British

Labour Party

The 'Open Turn' debate

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Communist International and the United Front

Stalinism, ‘Reformism’, and Trotskyism

Tasks of a small group

Labour Party

Militant and Entrism

Limits of Entrism

The ‘Open Turn’

Poll Tax battle

The ‘Open Turn’ debate

The Militant Tendency

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The 'Open Turn' debate July 1991 - Jan 1992...

  July 1991 Scotland, Perspectives and Tasks

  July 1991 Majority and Minority Resolutions

Aug 1991 The New Turn - A Threat To Forty Years Work

Minority document


The Entrist Tactic



Independent Work

The Labour Party - An Historical Perspective

Correct Timing

The Experience Of The ILP

Our Priorities



Sept 1991 For The Scottish Turn: Against Dogmatic Methods

Majority Document


Perspectives For The Labour Party

The Lessons Of Walton

The Scottish Turn

"Ultra-Left Adventure" - Or Bold Experiment?

The Lessons Of Spain

Complete text


Oct 1991 The New Turn: What Is the Alternative?

Minority document


A Turn or Open Work?

How Will the Party move Left?

Scottish Nationalism

Party Building

Trade Union work

Complete text


Jan 1992 Two Trends: Political Roots of The Breakaway


Undialectical approach

False method

Short war


Political veto

Complete text


Entrism: Historic Documents 1933 - 1973...

1959  Problems of Entrism (Grant)

1973 Introduction, Problems of Entrism (Taaffe)

Trotsky's writings 1933:

Whither the Independent Labour Party?

 How To Influence The Independent Labour Party

 Principled Considerations

The Lever Of A Small Group

 Lenin Speech On Affiliation To The British Labour Party


The Experience of Entrism...

Lessons of Spain (Alan Woods) Feb 1991

Ted Grant's Entrism in 1940's (Bob Labi) Sept 1991

Some Aspects of Entrism (Tony Aitman) Sept 1991

On the history of entrism (Tony Aitman) Oct 1991

Lessons of the ILP Oct 1991

A parting of the ways - Militant editorial 1992

A history of our youth work Oct 1991

On the former workers’ parties and our tactics 1998



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