Science, Marxism and the Big Bang: a Critical Review of Reason in Revolt

A contribution to a debate on Marxism and science

By Peter Mason


  1. Contents and Preface to the 3rd Edition
  2. Introduction
  3. Science and dialectics in Reason in Revolt
  4. Concepts of the universe – an historical survey
  5. What is infinity?
  6. The dialectic of ‘becoming’ in ancient Greece
  7. Aristotle on the ‘heavens’
  8. Galileo and the relativity of space
  9. Newton: belief and contradiction
  10. Kant’s cosmology and Engels’ commentary
  11. Hegel on the dialectics of infinity
  12. Engels on materialism, the infinite and cosmology
  13. The infinite in mathematics
  14. Einstein and the end of Newtonian absolute space and time
  15. The Big Bang and mysticism in science
  16. The dialectic of the unity and interpenetration of opposites in science
  17. End note and Bibliography
  18. Appendix: Quantum mechanics and dialectical materialism